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Family Matters

Last weekend June and I went with our friends Jennifer and Rowynn to a conference for families who have children who are deaf or hard of hearing. Our family has attended a few meet and greets to meet other children like June but we hadn't gone to something this intentional since June was a toddler. June has three cousins who also wearing hearing aids so I hadn't noticed the need for June to connect with others until this past year.

Jennifer and I met when our girls were babies and in Early On. June and Rowynn are about two months apart and enjoy playing together when they have the opportunity to see each other. These two were hilarious in the hotel the night before the conference. They swam together, gave each other make-overs, laughed a ton and talked hearing aid mold colors.

The morning of I could tell June felt nervous before we reached the conference. She was shy when she entered the classroom she would be attending for the day. She told me she didn't need her Roger bu…

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