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All the Stages of Grief

All summer long we wondered if we would be going back to school. My three girls were really missing their community of teachers, staff and friends and I missed working at another building in our district. In our guts we knew we would most likely be home but there was hope that 'the virus" was going to be under control by the time our first day came around. We were no longer walking around stunned but a tiny bit in denial.When we finally got the news that we would be remote until at least October 1st my body decided to shut down for two days. I could barely move and I was weepy. I had a weird mixture of emotions of relief for not having to make the choice and wanting my girls to be under my wing. In that same breath of emotion I was also so sad to not be with our school communities and I grieved the most for Ada who needed her village. I chose to let myself feel the feels and on day three I began to feel hope again. My mantra "it is what it is" repeated by my best f…

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