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Bird Love

"Mommy, don't you hear all the birds singing to us?" June asked me this while walking to school just hours before Ada’s education plan for kindergarten. We had been anticipating this plan since Ada’s birth and had been researching and interviewing anyone we could about the best placement for Ada. What I took away from what June expressed is that I am loved. I am not alone. Ada is loved and is not alone. June meanders along beside me, listening to the birds sing for her. How amazing to have the perspective that all things were created for us out of an expression of love. 

Last year was a anxiety filled year and because I am not anxiety prone I was surprised. I took note of that feeling because I know so many who do struggle and wanted to relate. I had this weird feeling in the middle of my chest and nothing would bring peace. I stopped drinking tea during the more intense times to reduce any form of jitteriness. Why couldn't I just trust that what was best for Ada woul…

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