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Summer Snapshot

SNAPSHOTS: In the hopes of being transparent and helping others feel less alone I'd like to share with you updates on my girls and their health. Our family tries to be as open as possible about our struggles in hopes to making these things have less power. We also hope to empower those who feel alone in this thing called life. I'm not always perfect in how I word things so know that I am open to questions and thoughts.

CATINA: Catina has felt so much freedom now knowing she struggles with her senses (Sensory Processing Disorder). It has helped us understand her more and have more compassion of what she has to push through. She has been open about sharing her struggles and even shared it in a fact about her in the middle school hallway board. Here is a look at Catina's appointments this past summer.

Orthopedic surgeon: We found that Catina has scoliosis last year and she just recently started wearing a brace. The combination of her SPD and wearing a brace has been hard but we…

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