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Advent 2019

Dear Friends,
Each year we look forward to this Advent time where we are intentional with many aspects of our lives. Some years we are really good at it and some years it flies by and we want a redo. The season of Advent is something we began to practice early on in our marriage and now as a family. Advent means “the coming” and in this season of life we long for Emmanuel, God with us.
Many nights we pray that God would go before us, be with us and be in us. This year has been a hard one but we believe without Him we wouldn’t have the peace and hope we can feel in the midst. Two years ago we focused on the meaning of peace in our lives and last year the meaning of hope and this year we are feeling we should focus on, believe and lean into JOY.

JOY isn’t always the feeling we have. We hear often we need to choose JOY and although that’s probably true I find it kind of annoying. Do people have some sort of secret button they push to receive this JOY? Our family life feels hard right now…

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