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OH MY GOODNESS! I'm so tired of stating that I don't write that much on this blog. And, really, I may still not but I've been thinking lately about how there are every day things in my life that could help a fellow parent or friend to feel less lonely in this journey called life.

I really wished a year ago someone would've written about how often their child with Down syndrome threw their stinking' cup on the floor. I tell parents of a typical child this and they agree how annoying it is but when I talk to my parent friends who have a child with DS they truly understand how aggravating it is. I mean, tossing cups full of milk is super annoying but tossing cups full of milk for YEARS can test the patience of the most patient of people.

A week and a half ago we got a dog whose name is Luke. I was reluctant up until the point he entered our home to take him in. Can I handle another responsibility? Will this dog put me over the edge? There is so much to say about that …

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