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Mirror Mirror, Different Mirror

I've been quiet lately. Reflecting a lot. I've been sitting in a space where I have felt "life is not fair." I go through this once in awhile and I don't like to stay there too long because, well, it makes life feel really sucky. I struggle with depression and I can't afford to linger in a space that can add to that.

The expense of all three of my girls specialist appointments is heavy. And, I've shared before how often I can be on the phone getting approvals and appointments. Ada, my youngest, recently had an MRI for AAI and its been two and a half weeks and still no results and that's after three phone calls in an email (And, yes we will be switching doctors after this).  I want to share openly on this blog to help others not feel alone. I, fortunately, have those people in my life that I feel connected to and less alone in this world of special needs but I truly love coming across someone being honest on the internet for all to see.

On Saturday, I …

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