Something Deeper

This past Sunday the sweetest thing happened. We were at church and Ada took her bulletin and stood at the end of the pew and started singing her little heart out during worship. I wanted to stop and take a picture but decided that the moment was so precious that it should just remain an image in my mind. The light was streaming in on her from the open window next to her and there was a light breeze blowing. 

We started attending a place called Holy Redeemer shortly after Ada was born. We had been a part of a home church for ten years at that point but felt we needed to do something different for our family. Fortunately, our home church friends were understanding and we still talk to them just as often as we would if we saw them every Sunday. I am so grateful for that because its a transition that doesn't always happens easily for people.

Greg enjoys a liturgical setting and we were friends with the pastor at Holy Reedemer so we decided to start attending. We did so out of relationship and for something deeper. This something deeper has been a struggle for me because I can't always explain or put into words why we do what we do. In the beginning, the services were hard because our children are young and they stay with you during the first half before going down to Sunday School. I also didn't always understand the liturgical aspects of the service.

Ada during worship service our first year at Holy Redeemer.
Photo by Richard Dalton
Holy Redeemer for us has been a place of rest. Its a place where we feel comfortable to let our children be a part of the service knowing they do not need to be perfectly quiet and well behaved (Although, sometimes that's a struggle in my own heart.). I love that everyone is truly from different walks of life. We have differently mental abilities, different ethnicities, and different income levels. Those three things alone are special because its a rare place where people can gather as one and yet be so different.

Seeing Ada at the end of the pew made me realize why we are at Holy Redeemer. I had wanted a place for our children as well as for us. I wanted a place where I didn't need to explain Ada or figure out where she should be placed. My children LOVE their teachers who just so happen to be the pastor's daughters. They sacrifice time spent during the sermon (Maybe its not a sacrifice to not hear your Dad talk? Ha!) to be with MY kids. They love on them and teach them about Jesus.

Each week the children come down to be blessed before going off to Sunday School. Ada loves to place her hands on the children around her to help bless.
Photo by Caitlin Tanner
It took my older two awhile to figure out when it was time to go to Sunday School. They would constantly be whispering to me the question of when could they go. When Ada sees the cross coming back down the aisle she starts to wave good-bye to us because she knows she gets to go see Miss Rachel soon! This next coming week we will become members at Holy Redeemer. Ada's actions this past Sunday reminded me of why we are making this committment and brought a peace over me that we are in the right place for us. Her actions touched upon the something deeper that will remain a mystery and can only be experienced.


  1. Ann--LOVED This and look forward to becoming fellow members with you on Sunday!


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