A Tiny Dream Come True

Guess what happened this week? I WAS LIBRARY MOM! If you have never heard me talk about this you can read more about it here. I was able to sign up Ada for a interactive story time at the library. The big bonus of it all is that I signed up with a friend, Melissa, who is bringing her youngest as well. I didn't' realize how much I needed a friend until that morning.

I entered the library time and Melissa wasn't there yet. Ada was not wanting to stay in the classroom and kept trying to bust out. The toys outside the class were much more interesting. People were slowly gathering and Ada threw a fit when I grabbed her for the third time from escaping. Her yelp startled another little boy and he started to cry. I truly felt awful and for some reason the incident triggered an anxiety button in me. I had awful thoughts that maybe Ada shouldn't be there because she was being a hinderance to others and wasn't going to fully participate. Its my first time entering a situation where no one knew Ada had DS, not even the teacher. Melissa came shortly after and seeing her triggered the "tears in my eyes" button. Fortunately, she's a super encourager and totally reminded me that Ada and I should be there. We weren't any different than anybody else.

I wasn't expecting to feel odd or fearful about going to library time. I'm pretty confident about being with Ada and her having DS so it shocked me to have that reaction. Ada was to start her parent tot class that Friday and it encouraged me to pray for our time. Ada was placed in a typical parent tot setting. Something I asked for and with some discussion was granted. I was feeling a little fearful that I pushed for something that wasn't the best and maybe I was being crazy.

Well, she did great! Upon arriving three moms and their children were standing outside the parent tot class. They were super friendly which hasn't always been the case in past classes I had been a part of with June. I confidently said hi and went into a short monologue about how excited we were to be part of the parent tot class. I explained that Ada had DS and we have found that when Ada is around other little children her age she walks, talks and plays more like her typical peers. I told them how excited I was that their children could be role models for Ada. Every mom was very receptive and I found that in class if Ada was participating at a certain center that a mom would bring their child to sit next to Ada and engage in the same activity.

Ada did great during circle time. She loves music and loved moving her hands to the motions and dancing. She really struggled during snack time. She wanted to swipe everyone's snack off the table and I noticed I had to be right with Ada the entire class to guide her on how to play without throwing things. I could compare my time to others, in how other moms were able to stand around and chat a bit while their child played but I'm trying to stay focused on what my child needs and does and, fortunately, today it wasn't hard to do.

All in all it was a great first week of new activities for both Ada and I. In the emotional department I learned way more this week than Ada but for that I am grateful!


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