Putting It Out There

On Friday night we hung out with a few families that attend the same church building we do most Sundays. I joked that I was going to turn what I shared into a blogpost and at the time I was seriously joking. Now I have a moment to write, hmmmm...why not turn it into a blog post?

I am meeting with a friend who also enjoys writing. Writing for me is a way to put all my thoughts together, not only for myself, but gives me a chance to think before I share with others. I've been thinking lately about writing a book but the same thought always occurs after I start to take a serious crack at it, "Who the hell are you to think you have something to say?" Well, this happened Friday night. I went ahead and shared around the campfire and the next day BAM! I was plagued by the fun little voice in my head that feared that what I said wasn't interpreted properly.

I want to share but I also want you to view what I am saying exactly how I mean it. This not only puts more pressure on me as a communicator but also gives in to the fear that I will never be able to truly share because some will not understand. I have to choose to believe again and again that its still worth it. Writing helps me to connect and I pray sharing helps others connect as well.

Right now I am struggling with what to write. I'd love to share my story but my whole story? And, isn't sharing my whole story going to seem self-centered at some point? Lately, I've been kicking around the idea of creating a book that tells snippets about our infertility and special needs journey and how it has related to Lent with some parts of Easter. It won't be a devotional but could be read during the Lenten season to encourage thoughts and prayer.

I'm realizing now that I don't have a strong point to this post except to ask that you pray for me. And, if you have any strong thoughts either way of encouraging or discouraging I'd honestly like to hear them. Some of you have encouraged me by telling me how certain posts have touched you. Thanks for that. Those are the kind of posts I'd like to include in my writings. The ones that are honest and non-apologetic. Those are the ones that I write and wonder a day later how it is being interpreted and I have to believe that's a good thing, right?


Right after writing this yesterday I had an idea of where I might put my energy as far as compiling a book. I'll share once its been thought through a bit more!


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