My FB status today

I'm recording my status here only because I would love to keep the tradition of listening to his speech every year.

The girls and I listened to Martin Luther Kings famous speech this morning on the radio. I told the girls that long ago, and sometimes even now, white people don't like black people and black people don't like white people. 
Catina: Huh? That's weird.
Me: I know. Sad, huh?

My girls still see color. They just see the color as beautiful and unique. They've been shielded from prejudice in their young lives because the people we have chosen to spend time with are diverse and accepting. I wish it could be like this forever but at some point they will witness or experience the prejudice that is in our world. I pray we can walk them through that.
I listen to his speech and I think in my girls hearts his dream has come true. I listen to the news and I feel hurt in my soul because we aren't there yet. So much of that speech applies to this very day. He could be saying this to us right now.
I'm making a stronger effort today to pray for reconciliation. Reconciliation for many who have been harmed by prejudice. Whether that be someone's ethnicity, mental disability, physical disability or sexual orientation. Lord, hear our prayer. May Your kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven.


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