In Our Suffering We Can Be Grateful

As you may know my mom had a stroke in September. My girls and I were walking to school and she  was going to meet us at the corner to walk with us but she never showed. I had called my Dad and on the way home from walking the two oldest, I had heard from him that an ambulance was on the way and that he thought my mom had a stroke.

We were on our way to meet her. 

That first month was hard but looking back that was the easy part. We were all so full of hope that her recovery would happen much quicker than it has. My mom suffered from a hemorrhagic stroke. It results from a weakened vessel that ruptures and bleeds into the surrounding brain. Thirteen percent of strokes are of this kind. My mom stayed in the hospital for quite awhile and then a inpatient rehab facility. She came home from the day before Thanksgiving. 

Since them my Dad has been caring for my mom. Her recovery is slow. She is now able to walk with a cane but has very little function in her right side. She can't move her right hand and is often in pain because of the tight muscle tone. They have her on a drug that helps loosen this but it causes sleepiness which is already hard when you feel like all you do is sit around. My mom was a very active person. Its hard to use the past tense because we have hope that she can become more active again. She volunteered for so many things and was a great friend to many in all that she would do for them.

My sister and her family were able to come visit for Christmas!

My parents are now living in this tensions of having hope that she will improve but also being discouraged on how slow this process is. My mom needs to use the bathroom in the middle of the night which means she needs to wake my dad. This has disrupted both of their nights of sleep. My mom has had to learn how to become depend on everyone around her. This is very difficult for someone who was the one who has always been depended on. 

My parents lives are in a very difficult place right now. At times I know they feel hopeless, but I'd love to share what I have seen in this difficult time. I see my Mom staying positive. She's full of hope even in her sadness that she will get better. Her sense of empathy has increased more than it already was which was pretty big to begin with. I've seen a great friend named Monica host small group at my parents house so my mom can attend and takes her out for lunch or shopping. 

The most beautiful part of this whole situation has been my Dad's love and care for my mom. He has been the greatest cheerleader for her even though he is exhausted. He has taken on household duties to care for my mom and their home. He has shown what it means to love someone in sickness and in health. My mom has truly experienced a love that not everyone knows or can accept. 

My Dad with his little lamb who loves to follow him.

I share all this because unless you have witnessed its hard to convey or know. So many of us are suffering through things that are hard. I pray that in this suffering we will be grateful because without these trials we may not have known the love that was there.

If you think of my parents could you please pray for them. Pray for joy and strength and for complete healing of the stroke that has effected my mom's ability to use her right side.


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