It has been at least ten years now where we have been learning that the Lord will provide. There have been years where I've been thinking that Catina really should get a bike a bit bigger to fit her and that next week someone would offer an unused bike. Or the money was nearing the end that month and our friends drop off a bunch of pork. Every time I smile to myself and feel giddy because He always provides. Not only for our needs but our wants at times too.

A couple of years ago, I really wanted a bike trailer that could also be used as a stroller for Ada so I told Jesus about it. I don't like to actually ask for material things that aren't needs. Mainly, because I don't want to be disappointed but I tell myself its because these things are "worldly." That summer we were driving in northern Michigan on this road with very few houses and we pass a house with the bike trailer I want with a sign that says "For Sale." The bike trailer I wanted was for sale and way within our price range! I felt special. Like the Lord gave it just to me.

This year I told the Lord about an adirondack chair. I know, I know, random, but the old one we had was broken and I really loved sitting in that chair while the kids played in the back yard. I kept hoping I'd see one on the side of road on our vacation this year and was disappointed when nothing turned up. I gave the Lord a budget of $50. This is bold for me. I'm not one to be so bossy with Him but I wanted to ask as a child would of her Father. I want to have that relationship with Him where I can ask Him to be my guide and provider. 

On Christmas, after we had opened our gifts Greg told me there was another present on the back patio. He told me that he had given me everything he had planned but happened upon this gift. I'm sure you have guessed what the gift was. Yes, it was an adirondack chair! And, guess what? He got it for $50.

I tell you the story to encourage you in asking the Lord to provide not only for your needs but for extras too. I know some of us have been asking for some huge things like healing and babies. I don't know why these totally unselfish requests are not always answered. I really don't. I do know that we can give Him glory in the midst. I also know when these things come to fruition our hearts are forever grateful. I'm really trying to be more child like in my faith and the Lord is encouraging me in this by giving me a stroller and an adirondack chair. What is it you are asking the Lord for? If you feel you can share, can we pray with you?


  1. Sweet insight for the New Year, and so true too. I'm humbled by what the Lord provides each time we think something's impossible. So now here we find ourselves on the cusp of big changes in our household due to Aaron's new diagnosis, and the therapies which will be required, and the prohibitive costs of such. I'm praying these days for the ability to somehow cover these new expenses without me having to go back to work outside the house. It's a biggie, but about the only item for which I'm "selfishly" asking. With our kids, and their needs, my Mom, and Jeff's parents all on our plate, I can't imagine my sanity staying intact if I wish to see 2017 with a smile on my face if that gets added to my list! <=\


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