Ada's in Preschool!

Ada started preschool a month ago and she LOVES it! The first couple of weeks Ada used a wheelchair to get on and off the bus because the steps are two third of her height. She's just getting into 2T clothes so that shows you what a peanut she is. The first day was rough with the bus. Not only did I have to lug lug lug the wheelchair off of our porch steps but we loaded her up all strapped in her full winter garb in 10 degree weather. When the bus arrived she had to be wheeled onto a lift where her face was full of shock and surprise. She was crying. I was crying. UGH! Yuck.

I cried all the way to taking Catina and June to school and cried all the way back home to our house. I made no plans that day because I knew I'd be a mess. As soon as I walked in the door from dropping off the older girls Ada's occupational therapist sent this photo. I was so relieved!

School itself went really well that first week. The bus situation was not my favorite. I talked with the bus supervisor often that week and the next and the next. Ada is now walking up and down the steps with some help. This is so much easier and everyone seems happier with the process. I just couldn't push that wheelchair through he slush one more time and she really wasn't a fan. Adjustments were made to the bus schedule which I am so grateful for. Catina was late a few times and it was just too stressful rushing around. We chose the bus so that I could get all the kids to school in a timely manner. If anyone was going to be late it was going to be Ada. She's in preschool, not second grade. Now they pick up Ada ten minutes early and its perfect.

Ada is really blossoming and growing independent. School has really helped our whole family treat Ada like a 3 year old and less like a baby. As far as I know she's my last one so its hard to not baby her a little. Ada is obsessed with Frozen and is now babbling quotes and actions from the movie. Ada is pretty smart and can do more things than we know she can. For instance, she can use a spoon and I've spoon fed her a little longer than I should have. Here she is being a show off with her spoon skills!

At Ada's check up everything looked good. When I take her older sisters to a check up its no big deal and life moves on but I tend to dread Ada's check ups because that means I need to see more specialists. This time we are only seeing two. The endocrinologist and physical rehab doctor. Ada was a trooper when they took her blood. They had to dig around three times before they found a place to draw blood. She just watched them each time just squirming a little and giving out a tiny whimper but never wailed or fought us. She was amazing!

I'm looking forward to the rest of this year for all three of my girls. I want them to stay young but as they grow its so amazing to see. I am so grateful and honored that I get to witness the changes that happen in their little lives.


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